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The Night Knows No Horizon
Born in 1957 in the Netherlands, close by the sea, Catharina de Rijke developed an individual, very personal and sensuous-poetic visual language at an early age: the language of desire, of creating new things, of invention. Her subjects are bodies and landscapes, but also body-landscapes.  
The essence of her work is boundlessness. She continually sheds her skin, thus creating both the unexpected and diversity.  
Transformations happen, creating shapeless transitions. This not only applies to de Rijke’s technique but also to the playful way in which she treats her subject. Change of perspective becomes an important event.  
Working in series creates space and endlessness and displays strong similarities to filmic sequencing. Mimesis is not a central subject in her work. The canvas, the carrier, is the transcendence, the space where motif and artist encounter each other. It is the space where the impossible becomes possible: in the process of an obsessive and subjective tracing into the depth of the motif, realism and abstraction encounter each other. The painting becomes a representation of its own history of coming into being, rather than an actual representation of reality.  
De Rijke loves to go where painting becomes invisible, where she frees herself from all senses and materials. To a place where there is no horizon, only horizon-events and a floating, cheerful lightness.

Catharina de Rijke

Catharina de Rijke was born June 30th 1957 in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. After having finalized Textile & Design studies with certificate in ’81, she incorporates ‘Spots’, an artist’s workshop for experimental textiles and design. In ’86, she and others from the Dutch and German architects scene together found the artists group ‘frisse kunst’.This moment also indicates the beginning of her teachers career with her first call at the ‘Vrije Akadamie Delft’, where she taught till ‘89. After emigration and establishing her studio in Cologne in ’89, she continues to teach. (e.g „Internationale Kunstakademie Heimbach“)

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