“The Dutch artist Catharina De Rijke lives where the North Rhine crosses German Westphalia. Eventually the Rhineland as her adopted country made her famous, which allowed her to export trans-boundary popularity. Her very-well received creation is a life-long experiment. She is rumored to be simultaneously delighted about and in inner debate with her artistic process. It’s beyond dispute that the continuous unfolding leaves remarkable traces in her oeuvre. Space, especially one finds between water and country, has always captured a big deal of her attention. She simply can’t be without the sea. The aesthetic power of light likewise has an important part in her paintings. Truthfully reflecting back on sworn places and moments, her paintings grow a poetic vigor. It’s all about finding the right balance between motion and peace, to recover in observation of her oeuvre.” You can find her works in private collections in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Kuwait and in the United States of America. A premium selection is represented by the Schirmer collection.

Prof. Dr. F.G. Zehnder, 2012